Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard pdf for free I’m a book pusher and I’m going to push this one right into your hearts. Red Queen is the fantasy that I’ve been searching for. You’ve probably all heard the comparisons before and honestly, they speak the truth. Red Queen took the best elements from all our favourites (and our not so much) tales and smushed them into one phenomenal book with an equally addictive storyline. Yes, this is indeed an Xmen high fantasy and yes, my heart did stop. Aveyard has ticked all the right boxes for me. She’s a heck of a debut. Red Queen begins as all high fantasy dystopias do, with a young unassuming girl slumming her way through her rather unfortunate situation only to discover that she’s special. Yes, that does sound mildly sarcastic. Yes, this did have the “You’re special” line. But you know what? I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve realised, do YA fantasies do it any other way? It feels like a genre requirement at this stage and who am I to complain when a hundred and one others do the exact same thing. Mare Barrow is a highly agile pickpocket. It’s the only means with which she can support her family. But time is running out. Like her brothers, she sees a future of conscription for herself. Her eighteenth birthday is looming and without a job to pardon her, she is set to enter the frontline. And it scares her. The thought of war, the thought of leaving her sweet, innocent sister behind, the thought of waving goodbye to her parents, yet another member of the family unable to support them. It’s getting a little hot in here, isn’t it



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